Several weeks ago, GayPornTimes linked to an Advocate article since removed and republished at the author’s blog, The Unabashed Queer’s Cut: Business Before Pleasure? — enough links yet? — that skids a little too close for comfort, apparently.

I wish I’d downloaded and saved the article in the edited form appearing on The Advocate’s website. (And to be honest, when it was removed, I thought it was that Regent Media wanted you to buy the magazine to read the content, or at least subscribe to the digital issue to read content that wasn’t in the current issue.) If any reader has it — the original form, not the version I linked to and is widely linked across the intertubes — please email it to me. It had a couple of prescient quotes that fit nicely with an piece I’ve been kicking around for a while on bareback porn. But alas, the piece was pulled, and now we rely on the version that has several errors that I don’t remember from the Advocate’s version, and most notably, the quote that I was most interested in has now changed as well:

“We assume everyone is [HIV-positive] and if they say they are not, we assume they are lying.”

-Kent Taylor, Raging Stallion Studios

Leaving the meat of my anticipated piece aside for a moment, Taylor goes on the make the most honest remark to come from a safe-sex producer I’ve ever heard:

“we are terrified [testing] will open the door to expectable bareback porn.”

although, I think the quote is inaccurate — Webster’s defines expectable as probable or certain, and since bareback porn already exists, I think what he said was “acceptable” or even “respectable” and therein lies the reason I argue that the article was pulled. Even in the edited form, the article was headed towards this point, that Taylor seems to be confirming the industry’s greatest fear.