Titan’s suit against the British tube sites is a welcome event in the online gay porn world. GayForIt.com (itsallgay.com, jerkofftube.com) et al are a fraud.

Titan will be successful because gayforit has a financial interest in the streaming of the content. It is selling access to that content on a subscription basis. It leases/controls the servers @ LeaseWeb, and it is making editorial decisions at minimum about some of its content. It is a financial model built on pirated content plain and simple.

To add insult to injury, GayForIt also runs Cop-CMS, a service they claim fingerprint content, and which they, along with other tubes use to filter their material. This is a fraud. They claim that Treasure Island is a customer, but here are the links to 3 TIM scenes on GayForit.com


[April 2012 update: Titan et. al. wins, seizes domains and removes them from the web. Links no longer work.]

These 3 videos represent 57 minutes of Treasure Island content including movies by exclusive models Dawson and Jesse O’Tool. COP-CMS is a FRAUD!

Even if a producer wants to check out what content is on the site, they have to buy a membership. One content producer told me. “Why should I have to pay these guys a membership, just to police my own content. They are blood-sucking scum, and deserve what they get.”

Bravo Titan, CR1, and Corbin Fisher.

In the coming months, Britain’s likely to pass it’s own stricter copyright enforcement laws. GayForIt.com et al may be labeled “repeat infringers” which will make it easy to cut off their access to the internet.