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GayVN shoots and missesNow, who does AVN think they’re kidding? Really, not one Treasure Island title in the top 100 sellers of some recent month (they don’t state for what month, but this is from the January 2010 issue)? And we’re supposed to believe that Jason Adonis Unseen sold more copies than either of Lucas’ Israel crap?

I counted fewer than 4 pages of content, including one full page of reviews. The book was 300 pages this issue, due mostly to it being a show issue. Of course, only two gay companies are bothering to exhibit at the AVN show. Wow, we’ve gone from being pissed about being shoved off into the corner to not even meriting a mention in the index.

And they wonder why nobody buys ads.

At the predictable-down-to-the-minute GayVN awards, Raging Stallion AEBN won everything, including the lovely shoes worn by Mr. Mapa. Not that anyone expected a different outcome, but one note worth mentioning: Ricky “Stubby” Sinz as best top. Who knew 4 inches will get you an award in San Francisco!

And then there’s Michael Lucas. Grabbing the microphone. Saying something stupid. Not letting it drop there. Stop me when I’ve said something new.
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Yes, they stuck their head further up their ass.

It seems that the bareback genie has been put back into the bottle, at least as far as the awards go. It seems the barebackers couldn’t give a shit, and the condom nazis weren’t going to tolerate it.

So the rumor going around now is that the 2010 awards will include bareback videos but require testing.

Testing… for what? If it’s HIV, we we all know that 80% of the models in ALL of gay porn are HIV positive. If GayVN is suggesting that the gay side follow the straight side of the biz, which effectively bans HIV+ performers, what are we going to do? Or, will there (continue to) be special dispensation for condom studios?

News that the GayVn awards will accept bareback content has leaked out as the marketing for the event begins. The question on everyone’s lips was “Would Chi Chi actually hand out an award to a bareback film?” How could she!!!

Ah, but the devil is always in the details as it seems that Miss Larry will be hand-picking the nominees herself based upon whether HIV testing was performed on the set. Several bareback companies such as HDK and Puppy have made statement about testing and serosorting of models, while most have said nothing publicly. How Miss Larry will determine this is anyone’s guess. But I don’t expect an onstage handshake between Chi Chi and Paul Morris anytime soon.
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