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It seems Next Door Buddies attempted rescue of Falcon has failed. The bank came to collect, and this time there was no white knight.

So control of the iconic Falcon brand falls to Chris Ward. The irony is, of course, the films he directed for Falcon in the late 90’s were sold to Steven Scarborough, with the exception of the one or two Mustang movies (and I believe one of them stars Chris Steele, head of Jet Set. Wow, small world.). I guess Hot House is next for AEBN?

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The stunning news of last week’s bankruptcy filing by Colt’s parent company Prowest Media, as well as that of it’s owners, partners John Rutherford and Tom Settle, put into perspective the impossibility of the Colt deal, and the on-going effects of the Great Recession on the gay porn business. Combine that with the other trend-setting events of the week, and the gay porn business has been rocked like the San Francisco earthquake.

Faced with the imminent trial from the Jim French breech-of-contract lawsuit against Prowest et al, Rutherford and Settle made a last bid effort to try and retain control over their company, get relief from their debts, and give them some hope of salvaging their business. Prowest was placed into Chapter 11 (typically a re-structuring) while Rutherford and Settle filed for Chapter 7 (liquidation).

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It’s been quite a couple of weeks in the gay porn industry; at this point, nothing would surprise me.

First is the big news from Colt, which my co-blogger Ronnie so aptly covers. Condolences to John and Tom at this difficult time.

IML banned bareback porn from the leather market for the first time, sort of like shutting the gate after the horse has left the barn (oh wait, they did make an exception for the bestiality video booth, since neither the dogs, horses, nor men in these videos were wearing condoms). Nevertheless the consequences were reflected at the event. For the first time in my memory, the host hotel sent out an email 3 weeks prior to the weekend and redacted the 3-night minimum stay requirement. The hotel was roughly half-full, and the lobby, usually a shoulder-to-broad-shoulder wall, was empty enough to breeze in and out regardless of the day or time. The leather market itself was “dull” and “dead” according to several attendees, and a commenter on Joe.My.God suggested that old-time vendors were awol (aside from bareback porn companies). Of course, the economy still sucks, so it’s no shock that attendance is down. Nevertheless, in the face of discrimination based on politics, officials felt it so important to show their inclusiveness, the winner of the pageant was a transman in a wheelchair (congratulations and no disrespect to Tyler McCormick).

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Everyone in the industry bitches about piracy and content theft, and at least a couple of studios will go after theives (and there’s always Titan), but these infringers of copyright have been getting away with it for years.

VarsityDVDs glossy 40-inch flier, side 1

VarsityDVDs glossy 40-inch flier, side 1
click for high reslution pdf.

What gives Bel-Ami, Staxus and Falcon?

There’s a buzz beginning about TLA’s slow pay/no pay of several studios, and the company has missed royalty payments to studios in its VOD program; a no-no in the online world. AEBN and National A-1 have both made prompt payment a standard feature of their programs.

The juggernaut in gay, mainstream and porn DVDs appears to have some significant cash flow issues, may be suffering significantly from the economic slow down, and the growth of other videos options from On-Demand cable to Tube sites. TLA was slow to enter the VOD market, and the company is competing against a diverse range of competitors from Netflix to Amazon, to gay porn studios themselves.
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