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It seems Next Door Buddies attempted rescue of Falcon has failed. The bank came to collect, and this time there was no white knight.

So control of the iconic Falcon brand falls to Chris Ward. The irony is, of course, the films he directed for Falcon in the late 90’s were sold to Steven Scarborough, with the exception of the one or two Mustang movies (and I believe one of them stars Chris Steele, head of Jet Set. Wow, small world.). I guess Hot House is next for AEBN?

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Oh, the hypocrisy. Falcon “Classic Bareback” movies, compiled into convenient compilation form, on sale now!

More hypocrisy from Falcon on display

I guess what escapes them is that if there was ever a time when we’d actually see a seroconversion take place on screen, these films were made during that time.

Inching towards its inevitable future, Falcon again advertises bareback in its weekly email (Feb. 27 edition). After attempting to claim its pre-condom movies to be bareback last April in a printed mailer, they seemed to quiet down some (and, well, after the departure of Todd Montgomery, said to be the initial driving force behind the studio’s foray into raw porn). But, it’s a recession, and sales have slowed. The same email had a buy-1-get-1-for-$5 offer that was good on the studios’ latest releases, and they were price at only $44.95, making the end-viewer price a mere $25. Imagine that; Falcon’s premier line for less than half of their magic price point. Chuck Holmes must be spinning in his grave.