I started gayporntruth because of the lack of real, honest and verifiable information available on the gay porn industry. I don’t claim to be the oracle of gay porn, nor do I know everything and everyone involved… but the vast bulk of news and commentary on the industry is skewed to a particular interest(s) and not to trust anything without independent verification.

That said, I think we all know the difference between fact and opinion. I clearly state my opinion, and for my (infrequent) contributors, I let them know I expect the same from them. But when I claim something as fact, I support it with additional information (like links to pertinent articles, supporting documents, maybe a graph…). Disagree if you want; that’s what comments are for. And, I encourage participation, just not flames and spam. And if you say something offensive in your reply, I won’t publish it. (I also don’t publish personal information, like email addresses, unless you specifically state that I have your permission.)